Monday, August 22, 2011

Makehuman 1.0 Alpha 6 Default Body (Wavefront obj)

Makehuman is an automatic 3D human body generation tool. So
that you don't have to create the body mesh by mesh. You can
customize the various variables such as age, height, gender
and you will get a readymade human body.

You may export it to many formats. And you can import the
body into Blender and create animations with it! ... or do

Download the default body obj export files:
Size: 0.75 mb

This package contains the default body (.obj files) that
appears when you start Makehuman 1.0 Alpha 6.

You can download Makehuman from:

Windows Setup Size: 47 mb
(other platforms available in the site)
(Sourceforge site of makehuman is obsolete.)

You can download Blender from:
(With blender you can edit, animate, accessorize your 3D
Human character! It's open source, free and cross platform)

Update 1: Download link updated. Makehuman site address updated.




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