Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Search your own sites (Custom Topic Search )

Gigablast ( http://www.gigablast.com/cts.html ) allows to create custom sites search. You can specify the sites that it would be searched, not the other websites of the web. This is a great thing when you want to design search for a group of companies, having separate websites.

The website says:
Now you can create your own topic specific search engine in minutes. Gigablast's revolutionary, new technology allows you to create a list of up to 500 web sites (or subsites) and a search box that searches just those sites. Even get back the search results in XML so you can customize their appearance. Give your visitors a unique search experience, completely free of charge. For instance, if you have a site about horses, why not create a horse-specific search engine? Gigablast is committed to bringing you new and useful internet tools.

  • Copy and paste the following html code into your web page to display your search box:

<form action="http://www.gigablast.com/search" method="post">
<input name="q" size="60" type="text" />

<input border="0" type="submit" value="search" />

<input name="sc" type="hidden" value="0" />

<input name="iu" type="hidden" value="http://www.mydomain.com/logo.gif" />

<input name="iw" type="hidden" value="200" />

<input name="ih" type="hidden" value="50" />

<input name="ix" type="hidden" value="http://www.mylink.com/" />

<input name="sites" type="hidden" value="site1.com site2.com site3.com ..." />
  • Replace www.mydomain.com/logo.gif above with the url of your logo.
  • Replace 200 and 50 with the width and height of your logo in pixels.
  • Replace www.mylink.com above with the url to visit when your logo is clicked.
  • Replace site1.com site2.com site3.com ... with your own list of sites that you want to search. Up to 500 of them. The sites are not just domains, but they can also contain paths. Try harvesting the sites from web directories such as dir.gigablast.com and dir.yahoo.com.[external link]
  • Optionally, change the value for the sc parameter from 0 to 1 if you would like Gigablast to perform site clustering. [external link]
  • Be sure that you do not nest
    tags otherwise the submit will not work.
  • Enjoy your own custom search engine.
  • For instance, the following HTML produces the search box you see below:



Anonymous said...

If you're using blogger platform then you can get a handy gadget for this purpose. All you need to do is just place a gadget from layout option. It's cool.

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Adnan Shameem said...



This post is about searching multiple sites. This can include blogger and non-blogger sites. This can't be achieved with a widget, right?

But it would be better if you post the full link to your blog post for the widget. That would be helpful for many of the users.



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