Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Homemade HD video - 2

Hello. Previously I wrote about my little journey on the way to HD home-made video making. I said that my father understood the need for a professional camera. I thought to myself, professional video cameras used by TV channels and video production firms are not cheap. They are going to cost me 2 lakhs minimum. So it is not an option for me. I only had a budget of 40k BDT.

I heard that DSLRs have a good video quality. I also saw some tutorials on recording videos on DSLRs. I checked the facebook page of Camera House recommended by my friend Rony from my versity. The good thing is that they regularly posted camera price list. So I looked at the list and saw Nikon D3200. It was 32500 BDT. Definitely on my budget. And I thought I don't need a high end DSLR for my shooting. So it seemed okey to me.

I was lucky that I had a photographer collegue, Razib vai. He told me that Canon is better for video recording than Nikons. Then a confusion was in my mind. I shot with a Nikon point & shoot before and it was great. I also know its functions very well. It is easy for me to use. But Canon would feel alien to me.

I started my research on the internet. After searching for one month, I found out that his words were true. Canon is better for video. I compared the pictures on both Nikon and Canon cameras available in most review sites. It seems that Canon has a cleaner look in the pictures too. It impressed me.

Now that I selected Canon to be my camera of choice, it is up to the model that I should buy. Again, lots and lots of choices, lots of specifications to look for. It is bewildering how you choose a model and then a couple thousand taka extra can give you more of the cool features you want. Finding a balance between the price and features is really hard.

I researched a lot... a loooottt. I cannot even emphasize how much I researched about the models available in the market. I watched a lot of review videos, manuals, read reviews, asked friends and so on.

When I was reasearching, a camera just took my mind away. I always looked for a beginner friendly camera that is in my price range and it had features that pro cameras have. I found Canon 650d. It has a touch screen and the screen was articulating (that means it can be rotated). It has built in HDR which the cheaper models didn't have. It has full time auto focus and a wide variety of choices of lenses. It can record FUll HD videos at 24/30/60 frame per second. 24 frames per second is film standard and 60p is a good choice for slow motion, which could be utilized to show slow motion of the excercise if I needed that. It was nearly a professional featured camera and with a latest DIGIC5 processor that even the higher ends don't have. I am fond of latest technologies and it fit my needs.

But it was 50,500 BDT back then. My budget was 40k. I had to convince my father to increase the budget. That was a hard thing for me.

I decided to buy 650d. But after a week or so, I found its successor model - Canon 700d. In the reviews I found it had no new significant features. But when I dug deeper I found out that it had updated quite many things. First, the 18-55mm kit lense is noise free. It is of STM type which it has a Stepper Motor. In an STM lense the focusing happens inside the lense so there is no noise when it tries to focus. Previously, 18-55mm lenses used to create great noise that got into the video (through the internal mic).

Secondly, my friend Rony told me I should buy a 700d because it is a newer model. If I need it to repair someday, the parts should be more available. The price difference is just 2,000 BDT. But to me that was something huge. So I refused to change my decision and I still was with 650d.

One day I visited Bashundhara City at Panthapath, Dhaka. (I heard that it is the best place for buying Cameras.) I found out that 650d is out of market. Alas! My favorite camera was out of market. I thought maybe it was because it is after the Pahela Baishakh. I was in a great shock. What did I do? May be I will tell you in my next post.
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Homemade HD video - 1

Long time I had a wish for working with videos. Film making was a great interest of mine. Well, I got to shoot a video for my father. He is a Yoga Guru. He already had a DVD released previously. But it wasn't up to the mark. I wanted to prepare better videos to let it be comparable to the international ones.

With my enthusiasm I got my father to do shoot for a video. It was a video of Surya Namaskar. I didn't have a high end DSLR camera. I only had a Nikon s3100 point & shoot. It had 720p HD video. But I wanted Full HD videos as it is the latest trend. But what to do. I have to shoot when I have to shoot. I shot with the Nikon. And this the result:

Or check out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPE4YCUExnI

Back then I didn't have a tripod. My hands were shaky. Also the camera stopped recording sometimes without any reason. Moreover father was ill back then. Still I had a strong passion and it led me to finishing the project.

For editing I couldn't use Adobe Premiere. I have a Dual Core PC with only 2GB of RAM. Premiere just hangs now and then. Then I had to try with Blender. Blender is a 3D software but it has basic video editing capabilities. It took me almost 2 weeks to learn its functions. But eventually I got it working. I should say, that Blender is an execellent video editor that was more stable than Premiere. Although it may seem like a weird interface for first time user. But I used it before, so it felt like easy to me. If anyone wants to use it, it is Free and Open Source (FOSS) and can be downloaded from: blender.org

After seeing the video, my father understood the importance of a Full HD professional Camera. So he told me to do some research to point out the best camera suited for us. But it is another story to be told in the next post.
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