Thursday, September 11, 2014

Homemade HD video - 3

Hi again. I am writing about my adventures in Homemade video making. Previously I was in a dillema. I chose Canon 650d as my favorite option, but then I found out that the camera was out of stock. It will take a week or two to reach another lot in Dhaka from Singapore.

In the meanwhile father was forcing me to buy quickly. I didn't know what to do. I was still doing my research. With my research and my conscience, I found out the situation as a sign! A sign that is telling me to buy 700d. I researched some more, and when I read in depth review of 700d, I found out that it is a good choice for me. I don't want a noisy lense to do my video. I want a silent one. I also want a latest model. Why buy a model that is 2 years old? 700d was 1 year old, so I should go for it. And who knows which bugs are fixed from 600d to its new version. Rebel series (500d through 700d) is a popular series. But choosing from the best of the best is hard task. I did it at last!

So, I decided to buy 700d. But is it original? If I buy from the importers, I should get the original one for sure. The Canon dealer in Bangladesh is J.A.N. Associates. I contacted them. They sell 700d but they sell it with 18-135mm lense. And they won't sell body only. That would cost a fortune! 78000 BDT!! That brought in a lot of sweat in my body!

I contacted my old friend Royal, who helped me get a generous discount on my Nikon point & shoot. He tried his best and let me a discount of generous amount, but it still isn't good for me. I want the original, but my budget won't let me have it. How dreadful!

Unfortunately I had to choose the Bashundhara version. 700d would still cost me 52500 BDT. But that felt okey. I went from 40k to 52k. I think that's enough.

I went on a special day to Bashundhara City and bought it. Canon 700d with a tripod (52500 + 1600 BDT). I bought mine from Camera Zone which is a reputed camera store in Dhaka. But they provide 5 years service warranty only. Whereas other stores offer 1 year replacement warranty + 5 year service warranty. They explained it as well, that others sell a warranty-replaced camera to another person, but they don't.

In the way of going to Camera Zone I also went to the Fujifilm camera store. The cameras were original royal vintage cameras - Japan-made. For professionals, they are a gem. But as a beginner I couldn't get a clear idea about them. They felt like old to me. That's just me. But my father was impressed by one model. It was certainly a tough body camera but I couldn't make my mind for it.

When I reached home that day, it felt awesome. It felt like I had a weapon to shoot. Not humans, but pictures! I felt like the world is in my hands. There's no other feeling that can be compared to that.

At the very first day I tried my camera out, to be honest, I was dissapointed. I couldn't take pictures that are good enough. They either are too dark of too bright. Back then I thought that I am an amateur and that's why I couldn't take photos. But now I understand that it was because it was a new camera. With the same settings, I kept testing the camera day after day and it got better. Maybe it takes time to normalize its potential.

I started to read the camera manual and as I was soring through the pages, I got amazed with the features of this little device. And soon I found out a way to do timelapse, a way to make fast forward video. I'll talk about it in my later post.
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